By using the principles and elements of design, aesthetics and warmth can always be brought into a space, no matter what the budget is. Even If your budget is tight, don't assume that hiring a designer is beyond your reach. We offer a variety of design services, in your home or online,  that can enhance the aesthetics and function of your living space, accommodating a wide budget range. No project is too small or too big; from design consultation and simple room transforms, to large remodeling projects and full scale renovations, we can assist with all. 

Our services include:

  • Design consultation
  • Color scheme and paint selection
  • Mood and inspiration boards
  • Finishes and furniture selection
  • Custom furniture design
  • Interior decorating and styling
  • Space planning and design
  • Kitchen & Bath renovations
  • Renovations for ROI 
  • 2D / 3D Drawings & sketches
  • E-Design (online interior design services)

    Please contact us for pricing.